Invesco Closing 42 ETFs

By admin
In December 17, 2019
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Invesco recently announced that they will be closing 42 ETFs, representing $1.3 billion in assets.  The closures are scheduled to occur in February of 2020.Over the past few years, Invesco has aquired a number of ETF issuers, and as a result, some redundancy has been built into their lineup.

You can see the full list of ETFs that are closing, as well as the mutual fund changes on Invesco’s press release announcing the changes.

What to do if an ETF that you own announces it is closing

Typically when an ETF closes, investors are sent a notice from the Fund Manager.  You basically have two choices- you can sell the ETF in the open market prior to its liquidation date. That’s usually an investor’s best option.  If you fail to do that, the shares in the fund will likely be liquidated and you will receive your pro-rata proceeds which should be close to their net-asset value (NAV).  In rare instances, an ETF may delist and not liquidate, leaving investors to trade over-the-counter and perhaps receive significantly less that if they would have traded shares on an exchange.

Investors that hold Invesco mutual funds should review the list since Invesco is also making changes to their mutual fund lineup.