2016 Finalist – MyRoboAdviser & ETF Model SolutionsTM Named Finalist for Wisconsin Innovation Awards



2016 Finalist – ETF Model SolutionsTM Named Finalist For WealthManagement.com Industry Awards



2015 Finalist – ETF Model SolutionsTM Named Finalist for Wisconsin Innovation Awards


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2014 Finalist – Endowment IndexTM Named A Finalist for “Index of the Year” for 2014 by ETF.com





Award recognition does not qualify as an endorsement of any particular index, investment firm, investment, or investment strategy. ETF Model SolutionsTM does not make any solicitation payments to award sponsors in order to be nominated or to qualify for nomination of an award. Information about the respective awards, including judging criteria, can be obtained by visitingwww.wisconsininnovationawards.com, wealthmanagement.com, and etf.com, respectively.