The following disclosures pertain to the Endowment Multi-Asset Collective Fund:

Alta Trust Company is a South Dakota chartered trust company and acts as trustee of the Fund.  Collective Investment Funds are bank maintained and not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  The Declaration of Trust for the Trust describes the procedures for admission to and withdrawal from a Fund. The Declaration of Trust and the Fund’s Employee Benefit Summary should be read in conjunction with this information. The information contained in this information statement is for informational purposes only and does not provide legal or tax advice. Any tax-related discussion contained in this information statement is not intended or written to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of (a) avoiding tax penalties or (b) promoting, marketing or recommending to any other party any transaction or matter addressed in this information statement.

Before investing in any Fund, please consider the Fund’s investment objective, strategies, risks and expenses. Be sure to consult with your financial, legal and professional tax advisers prior to investment in any fund.

Not FDIC Insured                         May Lose Value                           No Bank Guarantee

The Endowment CIF is intended for use in employee benefit plans only.  The Endowment Multi-Asset ETF Allocation Collective Investment Fund is maintained by Alta Trust and is designed to serve the investment needs of tax-qualified employer sponsored retirement plans.  The Fund is not a mutual fund under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (“1940 Act”) or other applicable law, and unit holders are not entitled to the protections of the 1940 Act.  The regulations applicable to a collective investment fund are different from those applicable to a mutual fund.  

For more information and legal disclosures, please read the ETF Model Solutions® Collective Investment Trust Declaration of Trust and the Employee Benefit Plan Funds Summary.  Potential investors in any Fund may obtain a copy of the Employee Benefit Summary from the plan sponsor or from Alta Trust or ETF Model Solutions®.